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New Zealand's leading supplier of dairy effluent, leachate and water storage bladder tanks


The Flexi Tank is a self-supporting, safe, and enclosed bladder storage system capable of storing between 1,000 and 2 million litres of liquid. It can be quickly rolled out on a flat surface and connected to store water, dairy effluent, and leachates giving you economical, easy storage when you need it most!

Our happy customers use their Flexi Tanks all over New Zealand to provide essential storage for their projects, anything from horticultural water storage, dust suppression for earth works, or leachate storage on compost and waste dump sites. The Flexi Tank also works hard for dairy farmers, helping to keep the environment clean by storing dairy effluent to be re-used as valuable liquid fertiliser.

We are proud to have been serving New Zealand for 10 years and leading change in the industry by providing a cost-effective solution for all liquid storage needs.


Safe and reliable

  • Enclosed, self-supporting system

  • People and animals can't fall in

  • Protects your assets against water shortages and droughts

Fast and easy solution

  • Rapid 1–2-hour installation
  • Minimal site preparation required
  • OSH compliant, fencing is not mandatory
  • Minimal maintenance required

Cost effective

  • A tangible, depreciable asset which can be rolled up and used elsewhere

  • Economical: the bigger you go the bigger the saving

  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on material (technical fabric) and manufacture (welding) defects

ENVIRO+ fabric made to last

  • Multi-layered rip-stop technical fabric with tensile strength of 450kg per 5cm

  • UV stabilised

  • Used globally since 1959

  • Up to 20-year life expectancy

Great water quality

  • No evaporation, no light and no pests
  • Experience greater yields and increased production
  • Guaranteed supply when you need it most

External KIWA certification

  • KIWA is an independent organisation

  • Guarantees Flexi Tank compatibility with the storage of effluents

  • Flexi Tanks are the only tanks on the market to be certified by KIWA


Place the bladder on a flat platform, unroll it, and connect it to your current effluent, leachate, or water system.

See your storage issue resolved quickly, without expensive engineering or lengthy approval processes.

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Phone: 027 706 3633 or 07 829 5940

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