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Flexi Tanks are commonly used for wastewater and leachate storage from landfills and processing facilities across New Zealand.  Here's how Flexi Tanks are utilised in these scenarios:

  1. Wastewater Storage: Flexi Tanks provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for temporary or long-term storage of wastewater. They are particularly useful in situations where there is a need to store and manage large volumes of wastewater, such as during industrial processes, construction projects, or temporary treatment facilities. The tanks are constructed with materials that are compatible with various types of wastewater, ensuring the containment and preservation of the stored liquid.

  2. Leachate Storage: Leachate generated from landfills contains a mixture of contaminants and requires proper storage and management to prevent environmental contamination. Flexi Tanks offer an efficient and secure solution for leachate storage. They can be rapidly installed to mitigate a weather event and connected to leachate collection systems. The tanks are designed to be resistant to a range of chemicals so call us to discuss your requirements.

Flexi Tanks used for wastewater and leachate storage offer several advantages. They are easy to install, transport, and tanks under 500m3 can be relocated, enabling flexibility in adapting to changing storage requirements and locations. They minimise the risk of environmental contamination by providing safe and enclosed storage. Flexi Tanks are a complete connect-and-fill package, equipped with inlet and outlet fittings, mixing valves, overflows and vents.

Collapsible water tanks solve emergency situation.

During the upgrade of a pool to meet Olympic standards, the empty pool faced pressure from a rising water table.

To equalize this pressure while allowing work to continue, Flexi Tanks NZ provided a solution. Within 24 hours, three Flexi Tank bladders were organized, delivered, and installed on the pool bottom, creating 450 tonnes of opposing pressure with water in the tanks.

This averted the crisis and satisfied all contractors involved!


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