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Flexi Tanks can be used for various applications, including in horticulture, vineyards, orchards, construction sites for dust suppression, and firefighting water storage. Here's how they are utilised in each scenario:

  1. Horticulture, Vineyards and Orchards: In vineyards and orchards, Flexi Tanks are relied upon for efficient irrigation. These tanks can store large quantities of water, acting as a vital buffer during dry months. By connecting them to irrigation systems, growers ensure a reliable water supply, maintaining optimal growing conditions for crops.

  1. Construction Sites for Dust Suppression: Dust generation is a common issue on construction sites, causing inconvenience and potential harm to workers and the surrounding environment. To combat this, Flexi Tanks are used to store water specifically for dust suppression purposes. These tanks can be gradually filled with water over time, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply. When the need arises, the stored water can be easily pumped into trucks for immediate dust suppression.

  2. Frost Protection: Flexi Tanks provide a practical solution for frost protection in kiwifruit crops. During colder seasons, growers can irrigate water from the tanks, allowing it to flow over the fruit. This creates an ice barrier that insulates the plants, minimising frost damage. The stored water acts as a buffer against freezing temperatures, safeguarding the kiwifruit crop and maximising yield.

  1. Firefighting Water Storage: Flexi Tanks serve as reliable water storage solutions for firefighting purposes. These durable tanks can be strategically installed near forestry and industrial sites, making them ideal for emergency situations. Firefighters can easily set up and connect hoses to the tanks, ensuring a readily available water source for extinguishing fires.

Flexi Tanks have numerous advantages across these applications. They are quick to deploy, easy to transport and completely enclosed for safety, ensuring dependable storage and optimal functionality. Flexi Tanks are comprehensive connect-and-fill solutions, featuring inlet and outlet fittings, mixing valves, overflows, and vents, providing a seamless and convenient user experience.

“It's the cleanest water that I’ve grown with in my years of growing and I’ve had my best season of production. I wouldn’t think twice about Flexi Tanks over anything else” 

Jay, Kaipaki Berries, Waikato

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