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Remote water storage in the Marlborough Sounds

Yvonne's water storage story

Our client down in the remote Marlborough Sounds, has boat only access to her property, with a steep 3km access track from the jetty to the batch.

In August 2022 the Marlborough/Picton area had a massive rain event causing severe damage to roads and creating new slips around the area including Yvonnes. A land slip took out her secondary water supply from ram pumps, which made the decision for Yvonne to get another Flexi Tank to help increase her storage, future proofing her property.

With more volatile weather events occurring recently and the likelihood of another slip in Yvonnes area imminent, increasing her water storage seemed like the best move. Yvonne ordered her second 10m3 this month to install herself. Hand dug to create a flat and level area to lay the Flexi tank down beside her current one, doubling her capacity. Being in a remote part of a beautiful place, this was the best sustainable and financial for Yvonne. 

The Flexi Tank water storage bladder is also a great water source for fire fighters. Given Yvonne is not close to the sea this gives her piece and mind should this needed.

Yvonne mentioned that due to the costs of the barge prices going up, many around the area are going to need to reconsider their transport options, not just boat only access but road as well. There are many road access properties in and around the area but due to the extreme weather events that are putting extra pressure on the surrounding infrastructure, the Flexi Tank will provide many with a great alternative for water storage for those living and with holiday homes in the sounds. 


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