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Water install at Gibbston Valley

It was a frosty start for Anton and Jacky on Monday down in the South Island. It was a cracker of a day that started at 0 degrees with a frosted tank. 

With the gloves and beanie's on and the sun coming up the rolling out commenced. The weight of an empty 200m3 water tank is 438kg. So, the more hands the easier it is to roll out the tank!

Using a water bladder as a storage container for water is a practical and versatile solution that offers convenience, flexibility and portability. This bladder has been designed for a gravity-fed system, making it easy to set up a water filtration system. Water 1km upstream is going to flow into the tank. Once the tank has filled up, then it is going to filter down to 3 tanks below while being filtrated into drinking water for the chalets.

The finished product! A 200m3 water tank all rolled out on a great sand-based platform. Large water bladder installations can be customised to meet specific requirements. They play a vital role in providing water for various applications from everyday use to critical situations.

It was a pleasure to work with the Gibbston Valley team and add another instal to our name around the country! It is fantastic to get out and about around the country and see what projects there are.


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