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Geo40 - Silica Extraction

It has been nearly a year since Flexi Tanks NZ began working with Geo40 on their silica extraction project.  We supplied and installed a 200m3 (200,000L) Flexible Tank to help with their onsite storage and their silica extraction process.  The tank works well and this particular flexi tank is grey so it fits well visually onsite and blends into the surrounding infrastructure.  

Geo40 is the first company in the world to sustainably recover high-quality, low-carbon, nano-particle colloidal silica from geothermal fluid, at large scale.  It is the first commercially produced directly from geothermal fluids in an environmentally sustainable manner and with a much lower carbon footprint than industry norms.

Recently, Geo40 were featured on Newshub with their research into the extraction of lithium from geothermal fluid. Geo40 has an exciting future ahead and the NZ Government will help by injecting $2m to this project through Kānoa, the Regional Economic Development Unit.

Have a look at the full story here: Government funds New Zealand company Geo40's world-leading technology to recover lithium | Newshub


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