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Punctured Flexi Tank = No Problem

A common question we get asked is if the material used to make our tanks is easily pierced or punctured. 

The material used is manufactured from multi layered rip-stop technical fabric with tensile strength of 450kg per 5 square cm, therefore it is not easily pierced or punctured but...accidents can happen. 

We recently got called to a punctured tank at a customer’s property where their 500m3 tank had accidentally been punctured a few hours earlier.  The customer had stuffed something into the hole to stem the flow of water in the meantime. This repair was too large for a simple glue patch.

A Flexi Tank representative was travelling in the area when they received the call and was able to be onsite within 1 hour and used one of the, specially manufactured in France, leak stopper clamps to be able to stop the flow of water and provide a permanent fix to the tank all in a matter of 5 minutes.

It was the first time Flexi Tanks NZ have put a leak stopper clamp into use and all involved were surprised at how effectively and quickly it got the flow of water under control.

The best part was, our customer was over the moon with the quick service and result.  They have now ordered several more leak preventer clamps – for those “just in case” moments.  Another happy Flexi Tanks customer! 

On the rare occasion where the tank does become punctured, we have all the right tools to be able to fix it and have it watertight again within a matter of minutes. 

All Flexi Tanks come with a basic repair kit which includes, instructions, a tube of glue, material patch and wooden bung for any small punctures.  

Leak stopper clamps can be a permanent fix for gashes up to 50mm and are not part of the basic repair kit.  Anything larger will have to be fixed by a Flexi Tanks Technician with a Leister Welding Machine.

For total piece of mind Flexi Tanks NZ has a stock of French Manufactured Leak Stopper Clamps which can be purchased simply by emailing us at:


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