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Otautu Bay Farm Camp - Potable Drinking Water Storage

Securing potable water for the summer seasons

What problem were you trying to solve?

We run a camping ground and a farm all on the same water supply in Thames. Recently Environment Waikato heavily reduced the amount of water that we’ve been getting for the last 20-odd years. Last year we had to buy 8 truckloads of water to get us through summer. That’s what we and a lot of others are up against in a drought situation, even the councils themselves are struggling to get enough water now. 

What made you choose a Flexi Tank over other alternatives?

This year we had to be proactive. We decided to put in a tank and after looking at the options out there we decided to put in one of the Flexi Tank bladders. We like the simplicity of the whole thing and because it blends into the environment.  In terms of value for money a similar size tank we were looking at was $350,000.  It was just much easier and made a lot more sense to go with a Flexi Tank.

What was the install like? Are you happy with the result?

It was such a good process. Anton and Andre came up to Thames. They rolled it out and it looked quite smart! Right now we are filling it up ready for the Christmas period. When you look at the other water storage options out there it’s the best value for money.

Kevin - Camp Manager
Tank: 1,000,000 Litres (1000m3) Potable water


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