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High-Tec Greenhouse

Rainwater is collected in the recently installed Flexi Tank, perfect for the size of this operation. Flexi Tank is full and ready to go!

Grower and owner of Aka Aka Produce, Ajit Singh, recently celebrated the completion of and planting in his brand-new one-hectare high-tech Apex Greenhouse in South Auckland.  The new greenhouse is a fantastic achievement. Congratulations to owner Ajit Singh who has continued to take risks and grow his business.   In my opinion this new facility is long overdue, New Zealand has aging high-tech greenhouse’s that need replacing or renewing for growing heated vegetable crops.

I would like to thank Ajit for taking on board many of my suggestions for the design and technology required for this project.

The design and technology of this project have been carefully considered for the type of crops that will be grown.  The greenhouse rows run perfectly North to South, ideal for hedgerow layered crops.  Diffused glass suited to the crop type and cycle have been chosen.  A combination diffused/energy screen has been used to compliment the glass type.

Hanging gutters and heating ‘grow pipes’ have also been installed to help reduce disease pressure and increase energy efficiency.  The hanging gutters will collect all runoff water to be recycled.  A well-known brand of environmental computer system has been installed and will have a huge benefit to the operation.

The shed and main access path are to the south side of the greenhouse, there is no path in the middle of the greenhouse, this is particularly important for efficiency and production.

The project was a collaboration between different companies but in the end managed excellently by Ajit. Contributors to this project: Apex Greenhouses, RTF Climate (Powerplants), Grower2Grower, Horticentre, AIS Greenworks, Gellert Nurseries, Flexi Tanks NZ, Combustion Controls


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